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Is Ford looking to try to control the repair market? It seems ridiculous they would be applying for a patent on the age old windshield… “Why did Ford apply for the patent on its windshield design? One possible reason is that it’s the automotive industry’s latest attempt to control the market for repair. If the…

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It may be time to invest in some bulletproof windows for his ride, following Ricardo Rodriguez’s run in with a crazed person who took a shot at his back window as he was driving. “Earlier this week, former WWE performer Ricardo Rodriguez (Jesús Rodriguez) took to social media to share details about an unfortunate and…

turn any windshield into a heads up display - fix my quack

Wouldn’t it be awesome if your car had a heads up display to assist you in your daily commute? Likely unless you spend hundreds of thousands on your ride, there is only one option, the Navdy heads up display that can work with any windshield.

Life can be crazy, and you never know when your windshield will be the victim… If you need an auto glass repair team that will come right to you, there is only one place to turn in Florida – Mr. Auto Glass!

Everyone knows that they should wear their seat belt. Most drivers know if they have air bags in their vehicle. We all see car commercials every day with the test dummies flying forward in a mini-van. But very few drivers are aware of just how important their windshield is to their safety… [ Learn more about…

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The trusted window replacement specialists at Mr. Auto Glass are on call and waiting to come to you to make your automobile safe to ride in again! Follow the auto glass specialists at Mr. Auto Glass on Facebook today!

A new device is allowing parking enforcement to take over the windshield of a vehicle with a giant ticket, in order to force the violator to pay the fine. Check out the Barnacle immobilization device below: Windshield problem? Get your crack or chip fixed up with Mr. Auto Glass in Florida today!

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In need of an expert auto glass team for a replacement, repair or fix, to protect yourself and your family? Mr. Auto Glass is Florida’s leading auto glass team, waiting for you to set your appointment today. Have elite technicians come straight to you and avoid having to alter your busy schedule. Follow Mr. Auto…

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Has you car window suffered a chip or crack? Don’t let it become a blowout – if you’re in Sarasota, Ocala, Jacksonville, or Clearwater; Florida or surrounding area’s Mr. Auto Glass will come right to you and get you back on the road today! Their trusted team of repair men and installers will do only the…

If storm damage has left your windshield in ruin, there is only one place to turn! Mr. Auto Glass is happy to professionally replace your storm damaged automotive glass. We know these erratic Florida weather occurrences can do serious damage to your auto glass, and fixing it can be a hassle with your busy schedule….

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