the fake self driving van

A self driving car is less likely to draw attention in recent years as they have become more and more common on our roadways, but one such case in Virginia seems a bit off… “What if it turned out that all the driverless cars being tested by all the driverless car companies weren’t actually driverless,…

the man behind fast & furious cars - fix my quack

Responsible for landing some of the world’s hottest vehicles on the big screen, the man behind the cars in the ‘Fast & Furious’ Series is breaking down and explaining each and every car featured across the 10 entries into the series.

car windshields left in ruin after hail storm - mr. auto glass

Check out this crazy footage of the aftermath of an intense hail storm, leaving one person’s collection of cars in ruin… Have your car suffered the wrath of a hail storm? Contact Mr. Auto Glass in Florida today and get it fixed up quick and easy!

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