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26 Foot Tall Truck

26 Foot Tall Truck

To keep a general overarching subjective perspective, one needs, from time-to-time, to gauge the ordinary ins-and-outs of the day-to-day with an over-excessive meter. Simply said, let’s have a look at the most massive engineering feats ever founded in the vehicular world. Here are the biggest trucks ever built:

Belarusian company BelAZ owns the accolade of constructing the largest truck on the planet: the “BelAZ 75710” – equipped with two 16-cylinder diesel engines that power four electric motors that power the massive truck. The 2,300 horse power “75710” stands over 26 feet tall, and is nearly 68 feet in length. For context, a school bus is only 45 feet long. The truck parts under the hood are an assemblage of man-sized metal components.

At least this Belarusian behemoth is maneuverable, so the operator can dodge any tricky situations on the roadway. The 75710 has a 65 foot turning radius… which would be like needing a football end zone to pull a U-turn. According to the specs, this truck has a stock payload capacity of 500 tons. Simple math: 1,000,000 lbs.

The next largest trucks ever assembled are Virginia’s own “Liebherr T 282 B”, and the Caterpillar 797 – both with 400 ton payloads. Prior to the debut of Caterpillar’s “797” in 2009, Liebherr’s “T 282 B” was the only truck on the planet with a payload capacity of 400 tons. The truck weighs 1.3 million pounds.

We’ll now read how the engine specifications. This is how they are explained to us. They are ridiculous: “4,000 hp, single block, 20 cylinder, electronic common rail injection, quad turbocharged, air-to-air intercooled four-stroke diesel engine”. The “truck” is also responsive to stock capability up to an elevation of 16,000 feet, if the “high altitude arrangement” is engaged. That means that these trucks could operate literally halfway up Mt. Everest.

So anyway, if you’re in the market for a new ride, and you happen to have roughly $5 million in disposable income, then an ultra-class mining truck is exactly what you need.




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