You’ve seen the TV advertisements and heard the radio commercials, but what is windshield repair all about?

There have been major advancements in the industry of windshield repair over the past few years. Now a days we can repair cracks in your windshield that would have caused us to do a full replacement in the past. The techniques and substances used to patch the cracks and chips motorists get in their windshields are cutting edge, fast drying, and effective. Call us today if you need your crack or chip on your windshield and we will have you back on the road safely in a jiffy!

It’s as Easy as . . . 1,2,3

First the impact point of the crack is penetrated with a fine carbide drill allowing the area to be cleaned and opened up so the resin can flow within the tiny crack and crevices.
Second, specially formulated ultraviolet resin is injected into the crack using a custom tool that allows the technician to control the amount of pressure being used at any moment.
Finally, after some time and skill from the technician, an additional resin is used to fill the impact point on the surface and allow for a smooth top level of glass to be restored.