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Anyone who lives in the Tampa Bay Area is familiar with extreme summer heat. There’s nothing like getting into your car on a hot summer day to drive that point home. Coping with sun and glare while you’re on the road is one thing. Dealing with a cracked windshield is something else altogether. Here’s how severe heat makes damage to your auto glass worse.

Life on the Edge

It’s the outer edges of your vehicle’s windows that get impacted the most by weather conditions. When temperatures rise, they absorb heat from both the sun and the car’s metallic surface. When the rims expand faster than the center, it can trigger a crack in the glass. It can also cause existing chips, holes, or cracks to deteriorate more rapidly.

Easy on the AC

Vehicles heat up quickly in the sun, making it tempting to run the air conditioning at full blast as soon as you get inside. This strategy can backfire. A sudden change in temperature causes stress to the auto glass that often leads to damage. You can help safeguard the windows by following these three simple tips.

  • When it’s hot outdoors, park in the shade to lower the car’s indoor temperature.
  • Leave the doors and windows open for a few minutes before turning on the AC.
  • Don’t slam your vehicle’s doors. Doing so can cause the auto glass to crack or shatter.

Microscopic Stress

Even when there’s no apparent damage, frequent exposure to extreme summer heat takes a toll. Our changeable weather means microscopic wear and tear on your vehicle’s windows occurs all year round in the Tampa Bay area. Fortunately, help is close at hand whenever you need auto glass repair and replacement. Our experienced technicians are just a phone call away.

If your vehicle’s windows can’t take the heat, call Mr. Auto Glass for a fast resolution. For more information, check out our auto glass services section or call us today.

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