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Returning home after military service can be a challenging process. Quantum Leap Farm provides equine-assisted therapies that can make the transition from military life to civilian activities easier in Odessa, FL.

Equine Therapy Promotes Self-exploration for Veterans

The equine-assisted self exploration at the EASE program offered by Quantum Leap Farm is designed to allow veterans to engage in a positive way with horses. No previous knowledge of horses is needed. The therapy team includes a licensed mental health expert with knowledge of the many challenges veterans face. Veterans can gain the skills needed to manage trauma, depression, and other disorders more effectively. They can do so by participating in equine-assisted psychotherapy through the EASE program

The EASE Program Helps Veterans Stay Active

The EASE program is appropriate for wounded veterans who are still recovering from injuries sustained during their service. That’s because all equine-assisted therapies at Quantum Leap Farm allow participants to proceed at their own pace. Safety is a priority for the team as they assist veterans in transitioning to civilian life. By keeping their feet on the ground and learning about horses safely, these unsung heroes can build confidence that can help them in other areas of their lives.

Quantum Leap Farm Builds a Sense of Community

Connecting with those who have been through similar experiences can help veterans reintegrate into the community more successfully. The EASE program allows veterans to interact with horses and other former military service members in a safe and serene environment. This can often relieve stress and make dealing with service-related disabilities more manageable for veterans and caregivers alike.

Mr. Auto Glass is proud to support veterans and the EASE program. This therapy offers a lifeline for veterans and other individuals who can benefit from these interactions with horses and therapists. Mr. Auto Glass donates up to $100 per windshield replacement to support Quantum Leap Farm and its mission to help veterans in our community.

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