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Operating a motor vehicle that has cracked auto glass can be risky for you and the passengers in your vehicle. Here are three of the most common risks of driving with cracks or damage to your windshield or other auto glass components in Clearwater, FL.

Issues With Airbag Deployment

Your windshield provides vital structural support for the frame of your vehicle. In an accident, it also serves as a backstop for airbag deployment. If your windshield is damaged, the cracked auto glass may not provide adequate support to allow the airbag to deploy correctly. It is essential to schedule windshield repair as soon as you notice that this component has been cracked or chipped. Damaged auto glass is less likely to provide the structural support needed to protect you and your passengers in an auto accident.

Reduced Visibility for the Driver

Reduced visibility is often cited as a contributing factor in auto accidents. Damaged or cracked auto glass can obscure some parts of the driver’s field of vision and make accidents more likely. Prompt repairs or professional replacement services can reduce the risk of poor visibility and potential accidents caused by this issue.

Increased Risk of Injuries in a Crash

Cracked auto glass is more likely to shatter in a crash and to cause lacerations and other injuries. Cracks and chips weaken the structural integrity of auto glass. Companies that offer professional replacement services for auto glass can help you to maintain greater safety on the road.

The auto glass experts at Mr. Auto Glass can provide you with prompt and reliable solutions for cracked auto glass and windshield repairs. We specialize in providing you with convenient and affordable windshield replacement options that will keep you safer on Florida streets and highways. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with our team. We are here to help when you need auto glass repairs or professional replacement services.

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