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If you live in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Clearwater, Lakeland, Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding area and you’ve had an accident or other mishap that has caused damage to your car’s windshield, help isn’t far away. In fact, the highly qualified windshield replacement experts at Mr. Auto Glass stand ready to come to your rescue. When replacing your windshield simply can’t be avoided, you can count on our experts, who have handled thousands of replacements just like yours, to do the job and do it right.


The Importance of Proper Windshield Installation

Specific regulations set forth in the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act govern windshield replacement. These regulations classify a car windshield as a vehicle safety device, because it’s designed to add structural support to the vehicle during a collision or other type of accident. For example, during a rollover, the windshield needs to sufficiently support the car’s roof to prevent it from collapsing onto the vehicle’s occupants. A windshield is also designed to prevent passengers who may not be wearing seatbelts from being thrown from the vehicle. Therefore, it must be able to withstand the impact of the accident.

Did you know that when an air bag deploys, within seconds, it first deflects off the windshield then back towards the occupants? What might happen if the windshield isn’t properly adhered to the vehicle? Well, the windshield would pop up and the occupants may be ejected. Mr. Auto Glass insists on using only premium urethane adhesives to secure the windshield and allow the owner to drive one hour after completion. Quality you can depend on.

This is why shortcuts should never be taken when installing a replacement windshield. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and proper procedural protocols must be carefully followed to ensure that the windshield will remain in place and do the job it was designed to do during an accident. These safety related protocols include the following:

  • Using windshield glass that meets federal safety standards
  • Using the proper insulating urethane auto glass adhesive
  • Applying this insulating urethane adhesive correctly
  • Advising the customer on how soon the car can be safely driven, to make sure the adhesive has fully cured

Consequences of a Substandard Windshield Replacement

An improperly installed windshield could pop out during an accident with the following potential consequences:

  • Driver and/or passenger ejection from the vehicle
  • Roof collapse onto the vehicle’s occupants
  • Failure to contain air bags inside the vehicle, rendering them useless

Don’t let any of these frightening scenarios happen to you. Let our experts handle your windshield replacement job.

Make Sure Your Windshield Replacement Is Done Right

At Mr. Auto Glass, your safety is our primary concern. We use the best glass available for you and your passengers’ safety. We take pride in our installation process and are as efficient as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. We are professional and customer–focused. Our experts follow all federal and state regulations for proper installation and windshield integrity. That’s why we’re happy to offer our customers a lifetime workmanship warranty on every replacement.

We also adhere to benchmark pricing, which allows us to accept insurance company claims. The State of Florida’s Right to Choose Law lets you choose your auto glass replacement company.

Did you know Under Florida statute 626.9541(1)(o), subsection 3.a., it is unlawful for your insurance company to impose or request an additional premium for your insurance policy providing collision insurance or refusing to renew the policy solely because you are making a claim to have your windshield repaired or replaced.

We hope for the safety of you and your family that you’ll take advantage of your right and choose Mr. Auto Glass. Give us a call today and make sure your job gets done right.

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