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Living in Clearwater, FL means having warm weather year round. Of course, the beauty of owning a car is that you can travel far and wide. With the holiday season upon us, many of the people hitting the road will be heading for colder climates. If your holiday travel plans include going up north, be aware of the effects cold temperatures have on auto glass.

Auto Glass in Cold Temperatures

When windshields have small imperfections, cold temperatures can cause serious problems. Small chips in the glass can become large cracks. Really hot days can have the same effect, so it’s important to get chipped glass taken care of as soon as possible.

Auto glass is relatively thin compared to many other components of your vehicle, so it obviously cools faster. Before driving, you should always remove ice from your windshield so it doesn’t limit visibility. Having a good ice scraper makes the job easier: and remember to never use hot water since it can cause the glass to crack.

Be Careful Defrosting Your Auto Glass

Heat can also cause small imperfections to progress into big cracks. Be sure to warm the inside of your car’s windshield slowly. When you defrost your car, don’t point the vent directly at the cold glass. The best way to accomplish this is to let the car warm up some before using the defrost setting.

Proper Auto Glass Care

Using your vehicle’s windshield wipers is often necessary, but worn or damaged blades can scratch the surface of your vehicle’s windshield. Replacing your wiper blades about every six months will help ensure your auto glass stays in excellent condition.

Regarless of whether or not you plan on traveling this holiday season, remember to stay on the alert for any chips or cracks. Driving with a damaged windshield can significantly reduce visibility and even compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle.

For more information on windshield safety or to make an appointment, visit Mr. Auto Glass’ website or give us a call at (866) 300-5013.

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