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Mr. Auto Glass Windshield Repair & Replacement Safety Information

Your car’s windows and windshields keep you safe. When your safety is at stake, you need products that deliver optimal protection each time that you drive your car. That’s why Mr. Auto Glass only uses superior glass repair resins and OEM-quality replacement windshields. When you hire us for a windshield repair or replacement, you receive premium products and services from our expert technicians.

Car Window Safety

Your car’s windows do much more than protect you from the wind and the elements. Most new cars feature laminated glass in the side windows and rear windows. This multi-layer material protects better than tempered glass during accidents. Side air bags expand forcefully, so stronger glass is required to satisfy the government’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

This government organization controls OEM and after-market standards for auto glass safety. For example, if your car has side air bags, the repair resins must be almost six times stronger than epoxies that are used to fix other automotive glass panels. Although damage is more likely to affect your windshield, we can repair your side windows if they are cracked or chipped. The installation and repair work that we perform meets or exceeds all FMVSS for car window safety.

Windshield Safety Factors

Your front and rear windshields perform several important jobs. Strong automotive glass increases the stability of your vehicle’s roof during rollover accidents and helps the air bags open properly. Automotive glass protects your passengers during accidents and boosts your car’s fuel efficiency.

Mr. Auto Glass only installs OEM-grade replacement windshields because quality makes a difference. Premium auto glass installed by experts protects your vehicle from severe weather, wind, leaks and water damage. It also provides greater protection and security in the event of break-ins or vandalism.

Windshield Safety and Durability after Repairs

Since the first windshield repair was completed in the 1970s, the technology has improved substantially. Properly used resins make your windshield stronger. Federal regulations require repaired windshields to be at least 70 percent as strong as new, undamaged laminated glass. The high-tech adhesive fillers that we use exceed strength thresholds for edge-to-edge cracks that were established by the American National Standards Institute.

Crash tests measure the strength of new and repaired windshields. An additional sample group is subjected to accelerated weathering. Stabilizers protect resins from sunlight, excessive heat and real-world stressors that affect all natural and synthetic materials. We employ a range of high- and low-viscosity resins and repair techniques that are selected based on the size, depth and shape of the crack or chip. Our repair methods increase the strength of your windshield and improve the sealant’s durability in demanding conditions.

Repairs for Cracks and Rock Chips

To schedule a windshield replacement, crack repair or auto glass safety inspection, call Mr. Auto Glass. We offer mobile and on-site repairs and windshield replacements in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater, Lakeland and surrounding communities.

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