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  • Tom the technician was excellent, we were stuck at a hotel and needed a quick response. The company said no problem we will take care of you. Tom called us put in a rush to get a glass that the local dealership couldn’t get for 3-5 days. Tom arrived early in the morning vacuumed up all the glass p... Read More
  • Met Jeremy at the car wash, and he noticed my windshield had a crack and asked if I had 5 to 10 minutes for him to evaluate and start the process of getting my windshield replaced, because it's free in Florida. I unfortunately, did not have the time but we exchanged numbers. He was very accommodat... Read More
  • The guy who replaced my windshield really looked like he knew what he was doing, the job didn’t take long I also have a dash camera that has hidden wires in the car which before my service I took off just incase it would be on the way and when he was done with the windshield he arranged all the ca... Read More

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