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Do you need to have a new windshield installed or to make changes that affect your vehicle’s alignment in Clearwater, FL? If so, your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) camera must be recalibrated to ensure it functions properly and meets ADAS specifications. Read on to learn about why it’s always a wise move to enlist the services of auto glass experts who use Opti-Aim.

Importance of Precise Calibration

Original equipment windshield glass is made to precise specifications and usually bears the manufacturer’s logo. Original manufacturer specifications may include superior optics that reduce distortion, solar, acoustic, and ultraviolet light control, and technologies that enhance the functionality of ADAS.

ADAS technology includes cameras, radar, ultrasound and lidar. These components may work independently or together to provide a comprehensive view of factors that affect safety and ease of driving. Our ADAS calibration services ensure optimum functionality of the ADAS systems in your car.

Cameras in ADAS systems are precisely positioned to maximize the viewing area and support ADAS features. Recalibration is necessary after an event that changes the position or angle of the camera. These events include wheel alignment and windshield replacement. A small shift in the camera angle can result in a large difference in the area it detects, resulting in an improperly calibrated system. Light transmission, object detection, blind spot monitoring and other ADAS features are affected.

The quality of the glass affects safety and precision in calibration. Replacement glass should meet original manufacturer specifications. Some consumers opt for less expensive glass that meets minimum safety standards but may distort images detected through the camera lens. If you replace a windshield, ask for glass that meets the same standards and specifications as the original.

The Opti-Aim Advantage

The technicians at Mr. Auto Glass are industry-certified to install OEM windshield glass that works with ADAS systems. Opti-Aim calibration coordinates with the car’s computer system to realign the camera and restore the system to OEM specifications. Our ADAS calibration services focus on quality in all aspects of calibration:

  • Restoring functionality to original equipment manufacturer specifications
  • Developing and using innovative technology
  • Ensuring performance standards
  • Meeting safety standards

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ADAS enhance automotive safety and make driving easier. ADAS safety features include pedestrian detection, blind spot monitoring, automated emergency braking and adaptive cruise control. Cameras and other sensors enable these features.

The glass replacement technicians at Mr. Auto Glass are certified by Opti-Aim, the industry leader in ADAS camera recalibration, to recalibrate ADAS functions. For more information about our ADAS calibration services, contact us.

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