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Your vehicle’s windshield is much more than a bug catcher. It’s also a safety device that must stay in tip-top shape to ensure you and your passengers stay safe inside the vehicle if you’re involved in a collision. If you have a substantial crack in your windshield, resist the temptation to attempt DIY windshield replacement and choose professional auto glass services in Clearwater, FL instead.

Professionals Have Experience

DIY window installations can get tricky and often lead to faulty installation. While you might think you’re saving money by replacing the windshield yourself, what you’re actually doing is putting anyone inside the vehicle when it’s in motion at risk. Inexperienced window installation can affect your vehicle’s structural integrity. Once this happens, the chances of the windshield failing during a collision increase greatly. Additionally, the chances of you or your front-seat passenger going through the windshield during a collision also increase.

It’s Best to Leave Repairs to the Pros Also

Even if you don’t need a complete windshield replacement, it’s still a good idea to have chips and cracks repaired by auto glass experts. Purchasing a DIY kit might seem like a quick fix, but applying the resin incorrectly could create more problems. A simple crack or chip could easily turn into a situation requiring a complete windshield replacement. Many insurance companies offer complimentary chip and crack repair, but even if you need a complete windshield replacement, most insurance companies only charge you your deductible if you have comprehensive service on the vehicle.

Professional Auto Glass Services Protect Warranty Coverage

If your vehicle is covered under a manufacturer or extended warranty, you must follow specific rules to guarantee the warranty’s protection. DIY windshield replacement could compromise the warranty terms. Professional windshield repair and replacement services use the proper techniques and install Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass to ensure your new windshield is as safe and reliable as the original windshield.

Skip DIY windshield replacement and contact the professionals at Mr. Auto Glass today for more information about professional auto glass services.

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