Motor vehicle safety is something that every driver in Pinellas must take seriously. From obeying driving laws to making sure your vehicle is in drivable shape, you have certain responsibilities while operating your vehicle. Auto manufacturers and industry providers like professional auto glass services have responsibilities too. The Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act outlines these responsibilities.

What is the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Act?

The U.S. government passed The Federal Motor Safety Act (FMSA) in 1966 after studies showed that motor vehicle accidents were the leading cause of death among people ages 44 and under. The reasons for these accidents had varied, but many in the legislature believed that automobile manufacturers should take safety more seriously. They found the public wasn’t afforded reasonable protection because of design flaws in many motor vehicles.

After the passage of the FMSA, auto manufacturers put safety at the forefront over the next decade when designing vehicles. They installed government-mandated safety devices such as:

  • Collapsible steering columns
  • Protective dashboards
  • Reinforced door latches
  • Shatterproof windshields
  • Shoulder and lap belts

Over time, more safety mandates would get added to the Act’s list of standards including airbags and rear-view camera systems. Thanks to the FMSA fewer people have lost their lives in tragic accidents. In 1985, a New York Times article suggested more than 150,000 lives had been saved because of Act.

How the FMSA Affects You

You might not give too much thought to your vehicle’s safety. You trust that it’s manufactured well, and repairs get done by technicians who follow the rules. While that’s true, for the most part, you want to make sure that the service technicians you hire to make repairs to your vehicle, especially auto glass repairs, due so according to federal regulations and state statutes.

If you need professional auto glass services, trust the team that follows all industry standards and federal requirements. Call Mr. Auto Glass today for windshield repair, rear glass replacement and more.

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