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Many Sarasota drivers take power windows for granted. However, when those windows stop working, you might long for old-fashioned crank windows that were always good to go. Here are six reasons why power windows go bad.

Broken Window Regulator

Window regulators make it possible for power windows to open and close. Each window has it’s own regulator. If that regulator breaks, the window won’t move. You will need a window regulator replacement.

Broken Window Motor

Each power window has a motor that supplies it with enough electrical energy to travel up and down. A gear at the end of the motor is connected to the regulator. Without a working motor, the regulator won’t have the power to move the window.

Cold Weather

Unseasonably cold Florida weather can interfere with power window operation. The window glass can stick to the frame and refuse to move. The regulator may not have the power to move the window if it’s frozen to the frame.

Malfunctioning Power Window Switch

The window switch can wear out over time. Each press of the button brings it closer to the end. The more you use power windows, the faster the switches give out.

Wiring Problems

A set of wires connects the window switch to the window motor. If those wires get knocked out of kilter, pushing the window switch will accomplish nothing.

Stuck Windows

Sometimes power windows literally get stopped in their tracks. Pressing the power window button several times can help a stuck window to complete its journey. Grit that collects on the edges of the window tracks creates friction when the window tries to move. This problem is easily solved with lubrication.

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