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Are you frustrated because your car windows won’t stay up? Many vehicle owners in Tampa have problems with sliding car windows. Keep reading to learn more about why this happens and how expert repair services can keep your door windows in place.

3 Reasons for Windows that Won’t Stay Up

Sometimes, your vehicle’s windows won’t stay up because the child safety switch is engaged or the ignition switch position needs to be in the accessory mode. When these simple fixes are the cause of your sliding window problem, you likely have one of the following issues that service technicians need to fix:

1. Blown fuse: One way to identify if the problem is a blown fuse is to note if more than one window has problems. If the problem is not limited to one window, replacing a defective fuse usually takes care of the issue.

2. Bad window motor: Your vehicle might need window motor replacement to keep your windows from sliding. The motor is located inside the door panel and requires a mechanic’s skills and tools to repair it. Once the mechanic opens the door, they’ll be able to determine if the motor is defective or if the actual issue is a defective window regulator connected to the motor.

3. Defective power window switch: Window switches go bad sometimes and need replacing to keep windows from sliding. If you attempt to use the switch and the window doesn’t move, you might think it’s a battery issue. However, if the vehicle’s lights don’t dim and all other power sources appear to work fine, you’re likely to have discovered the cause of your sliding car windows. You’ll need a mechanic to replace the switch.

Expert Technicians Fix Sliding Car Windows Fast

Never attempt to fix a sliding window yourself. Instead, call expert repair services to get the situation under control quickly! For more information about sliding car windows, check out Mr. Auto Glass’s auto glass services or call us!

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