Originally published in January 2018

As a car owner in Sarasota, FL, you likely understand that your windshield protects you from debris, UV radiation and weather elements such as rain. What you might not realize is that it has many other functions. In fact, it’s an integral part of your car’s safety restraint system. Because of that, it’s very important to keep your front window in tip-top shape, and Mr. Auto Glass can help.

Safety Functions in the Event of a Crash

In all modern vehicles, the windscreen is just as important as the seat belts and airbags. Damage to any of these parts compromises the entire system and your safety.

One function of the windshield is to support the passenger side airbags. When the windscreen isn’t in place properly, it can detach from your vehicle during a crash. Without its support, the passenger side airbags won’t deploy correctly. In addition, you could be thrown from your vehicle.

The front window functions as structural reinforcement for the roof too. Older vehicles were equipped with A-pillars to provide this support, but the roofs in modern vehicles get reinforcement from the windscreen. Specifically, the windscreen prevents the roof from collapsing on you during a rollover crash.

The final function in relation to safety is that the front window cushions the blow on you during an accident. Windscreens contain polyvinyl material between two layers of glass. The polyvinyl is flexible and cushions the impact if you fly into the windscreen.

Other Functions of the Front Window

The first vehicles invented didn’t have windscreens. Along with making cars safer, adding the front window improves aerodynamic performance. It also increases gas mileage and reduces highway noise.

Caring for Your Windshield

It’s clear that taking care of your windscreen is in your best interest. If you see chips or cracks in it, visit an auto glass specialist for repairs. You might need a window replacement if there’s too much damage.

Do you have questions about auto window replacement and repairs at Mr. Auto Glass? You can get more information on the FAQ page or by calling us today.

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