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If you drive in Florida traffic and weather, you know the importance of clear vision. Automobile glass that is well made has no ripples or air bubbles that distort your view. Below are some other auto glass considerations.

Differences in Automobile Glass Strength and Cohesiveness

All automobile glass manufactured or marketed in the United States must be “safety glass.” There are two types, laminated and tempered. These two types behave very differently when they receive a blow. Laminated glass holds together better than tempered glass. It also provides a bit of cushioning should someone inside the vehicle hit the windshield. Tempered glass shatters into small pieces when hit.

Modern windshields are made of laminated glass. Some automobile manufacturers have chosen to use laminated glass for all windows to increase safety. The downside of this is that such glass is almost impossible to break out should you become trapped inside the vehicle.

Differences Within Windshields

You could choose an auto glass replacement windshield that fits well and consists of nothing but the windshield itself. However, many vehicles now rely on the windshield to provide an embedded antenna for the radio. Other windshields contain electronic devices such as rain sensors or cameras. Check your owner’s manual, read the information imprinted on the glass and talk with your automobile dealer or glass shop before making a final decision.

Auto Glass Replacement in Florida Is Easy

Properly manufactured and installed, automobile glass adds structural strength to the vehicle and protection for its occupants. If you are in Florida, choosing the right replacement glass can be as simple as making a phone call or scheduling an online appointment. The staff at Mr. Auto Glass know the right glass for your needs, and our work is guaranteed.

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