It’s important to realize that not all auto glass shops are the same when you’re dealing with cracks in your windshield, Discount shops that cut corners in Clearwater, FL can perform improper installations of new windshields. When auto glass replacement services are not performed correctly you may end up paying for another replacement.

Importance of Proper Windshield Installation

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sets forth guidelines related to the manufacture and maintenance of motor vehicles. A portion of the organization’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations dictates the importance of mounting a windshield correctly. Doing so ensures that the windshield can provide protection against injuries during crashes.

Federal regulations are not the only reason to be sure that your windshield is properly installed. Proper installation can prevent damage from occurring to the replaced glass. A poor installation can pose a variety of safety concerns or simply cause a costly inconvenience. Either way, it’s essential to have your installation done correctly the first time.

Signs Your Windshield Was Improperly Installed

It’s important to keep an eye out for signs of an improperly installed windshield to ensure that your safety and that of your family is not compromised. Glass that looks bumpy, wavy, or imperfect indicates a problem. You may also notice that the glass does not fit properly within the frame of your windshield. If you notice that the shop did not remove adhesive from your old windshield, you can be sure that the new windshield will not provide the appropriate weatherproofing.

Odd noises can also indicate a problem with your windshield. If you hear a noise similar to the sound made when a window is left slightly cracked while a car is being driven, the air making the noise could be coming in through the edges of the windshield. Loose glass may make a rattling noise.

To make sure that your windshield installation is done properly, check out Mr. Auto Glass’ windshield replacement solutions or call 866-300-5013.

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