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Drivers are powerless over flying projectiles on Jacksonville roadways. We can be hit with any number of unidentifiable debris that seems to appear out of nowhere. These small projectiles can cause serious damage to your auto glass. The only defense is to pray hard and be careful.

Safeguard Your Ride

Windshield damage from freak accidents can happen whether you’re driving a car or not. You can reduce the odds of an injury by always parking in the safest place possible. Garages are ideal, but even a basic carport provides protection. There are also special blankets that can shield your car from the elements.

Keep a Wide Berth Between Your Car and Other Vehicles

The more you can distance yourself from other drivers, the less likely you’ll be to get in a wreck. Nevertheless, you might still get whacked by an unidentified flying object.

Stay Away From Heavy Trucks

Highways are a dangerous place for windshields. Vehicles traveling at high speed are especially at risk. Flat-bed trucks, dump trucks, and 18-wheelers are typically loaded with heavy cargo that can break free of its moorings and take aim at your windshield. The damage is usually caused by small pebbles and rocks that are forcibly thrown back at you by the truck you are following.

Beware of Roadway Gravel

Unpaved gravel roads are particularly hard on auto glass. The potential for damage increases by a wide margin. Going slow, keeping your distance, and braking gently are your best protection.

Stay Off Bad Roads

Find another route if possible. Avoid damaged roads and roads with potholes. Check for hazards hanging from above.

Mr. Auto Glass Comes to You

Don’t let a cracked windshield complicate your life. Instead, call Mr. Auto Glass for professional auto glass services. We’ll sort everything out.

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