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According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), the FBI reported that $7.4 billion was lost in 2020, resulting from motor vehicle theft. That’s a staggering number, yet there are ways for Pinellas, FL, vehicle owners to lower their risks of having their vehicles stolen and becoming part of the statistics. One way to do this is to install quality auto glass the next time you need repair and replacement services that protect against break-ins. Here are some theft-deterring products to consider.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Laminated glass is considered impact-resistant and is constructed by bonding two sheets of glass using a polyvinyl layer. Impact-resistant glass is popular in Florida to protect residential glass from becoming damaged or penetrated by flying debris during hurricanes, but it’s a great theft-deterring glass product that benefits vehicle owners too. Impact-resistant glass can prevent “smash and grab” vehicle incidents.

Security Glass

If you want something beefier than impact-resistant glass, the next option is security glass. Where the impact-resistant glass has two layers, security auto glass has 3-4 layers. Many people refer to security glass as bulletproof glass, but that’s not exactly true. The glass will eventually crack with enough continual force (or firepower). However, security glass does an impeccable job of preventing break-ins from the average car thief.

Security Window Film

Do you want better protection from possible car break-ins but don’t want to spend money on glass replacement? Consider installing security window film. Although the product offers the benefits of tinted windows, the film isn’t applied only to the window’s glass surface. It’s applied to its framing and boosts the structural strength of the window. So, while the glass might give if a hammer, crowbar, or brick gets thrown at the window, the film continues to hold together and often deters thieves.

At Mr. Auto Glass, we have glass repair and replacement services that fit your budget and needs. To learn more about choosing quality auto glass for theft-deterrent purposes, call us today!

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