Whether you’re driving around the corner to the grocery store in Jacksonville, FL, or you’re taking a long road trip from the Keys to the Panhandle, you need a vehicle that’s safe and road-worthy. Your vehicle’s auto glass is a critical part of its structure and safety system. Consider these three reasons why it’s essential to use high-quality auto glass in your vehicle.

Durability Against Impacts

Durability against impacts is a leading reason to use high-quality auto glass for your windshields and windows, explains Chemical and Engineering News. When driving at highway speeds, an item falling off the vehicle in front of you could hit your windshield. If the glass isn’t strong, your windshield could shatter. With high-quality glass in place, your windshield is less likely to shatter or allow the object to penetrate your vehicle’s passenger compartment. If a rock is kicked up off the road and into your windshield, high-quality auto glass is less likely to crack.

Safety in Crashes

In a high-velocity crash, a vehicle can flip over. The strength of the glass in the windshield makes a big difference in the occupant’s ability to survive such a crash. In the case of a head-on collision, high-quality auto glass in combination with a safety belt could prevent you from getting ejected out of the vehicle. Driver and passenger ejections have a high rate of serious injuries and deaths in auto accidents.

Improved Visibility in Foul Weather

High-quality auto glass helps you see better when driving in foul weather. The glass can be made with fibers that heat to dissipate condensation and melt snow and ice. If you’re driving in heavy rain, fog, ice, sleet, snow, or hail, the ability to see through your front and back windshields and windows is critical to your safety.

To learn more about the reasons why it’s essential to use high-quality auto glass in automobiles, take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’s high-quality auto glass services, or contact our professional service technicians today.

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