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Debris flying from trucks is a scary occurrence but with more than 31 million commercial trucks on the road, it’s not uncommon. Although windshields are built with safety glass for added protection, projectiles like rocks can cause them to crack. Once you get past the initial shock of the experience, it’s time to take action. Don’t compromise your safety by driving with a cracked windshield. Contact the experts at Mr. Auto Glass for a fast and convenient resolution.

Minimize the Damage

Even a minor crack in your windshield can cause major damage if it’s not fixed promptly. That’s because impact cracks create stress fractures that are too small for the eye to see. Environmental factors like heat, humidity and vibration aggravate these microscopic fractures, leading to larger cracks and breakages. A quick call to Mr. Auto Glass can help you avoid dealing with a bigger problem later.

Quality Windshield Replacement

When making a repair just isn’t feasible, it’s critical to choose a qualified professional for your windshield replacement. The first priority is to verify the job will be completed according to federal safety standards and Florida statutes. These protocols include:

  • Installing approved safety glass that helps protect you from projectiles like rocks.
  • Using urethane adhesives that will help hold the glass firmly in place.
  • Ensuring that the adhesive is properly cured before driving.

At Mr. Auto Glass, we go the extra mile for our customers in Greater Tampa Bay and the Jacksonville area. For every windshield we replace, we back up our work with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Mobile Glass Repair

Whether you need a repair or a replacement, our trained technicians are ready to come to you with a timely fix. We want you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing help is just a phone call away. For more information, explore our windshield repair services or call 866-300-5021 today.

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