With the technology that has developed in the 2010s, there are a lot of gadgets that can distract you while you drive. It’s become more important than ever to understand safe driving basics and to practice them each time that you get behind the wheel. However, road safety also includes making sure that your vehicle is properly maintained. Take a look at these auto safety tips for the road.

Keep Road Safety in Mind as You Drive

One of the most vital safety tips is to focus on the road and what you’re doing at all times. You shouldn’t multitask or use any electronic devices while you’re behind the wheel. This includes trying to pick up items that fall on the floor.

It’s also important that you’re aware of other drivers and ready for the unexpected. If you drive defensively, then you’re always prepared to avoid a collision when other motorists make sudden moves.

Perform an Auto Safety Check Before Driving

In addition to paying attention to the road, you need to check whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive. The warning lights in the dashboards of most modern vehicles indicate when there are issues with airbags, tire pressure, antilock brakes, low fluids, etc. Make sure that there are no warnings before you get on the road. Other items to check beforehand include headlights, brake lights, turn signals, windshield wipers and tire tread.

Although most people don’t think to check their windshields, it’s an integral part of vehicle safety. Aside from protecting you from debris, wind and other elements, your windshield keeps you inside of your vehicle and prevents the roof from collapsing during an accident. Cracks and chips in the windshield threaten the structural safety of your entire car, so get repairs when you need them.

Do you want to learn more about road safety and your windshield? You can take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’ page about windshield safety, or call (866) 300-5013.

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