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Here in Orange Park, FL, drivers passing on the right side of other cars is a daily occurrence. It can be tempting to pass slower-moving vehicles when there’s an open lane to their right. However, there are at least a few reasons why this can be dangerous.

Significant Blind Spots

The rear quarter panel on the passenger side of your vehicle is one of the most difficult places to see when driving down the road. As the disclaimer on your passenger-side mirror indicates, it can be hard to tell exactly how close other cars and trucks are when using it. Even if you’re paying attention to the vehicle you’re passing and the other drivers on the road, they may not see you.

Distracted Drivers

We all know people who are constantly doing other things while they’re driving. Being able to multi-task is a valuable skill but there are certain tasks that demand your full attention. Operating heavy machinery definitely falls into that category, particularly when there are other people operating heavy machinery all around you. Distracted drivers often don’t signal before changing lanes, or even check their mirrors and blind spots.

Additional Lanes of Traffic

Passing on the right becomes even riskier when there are more than two lanes of traffic. Many times, drivers who pass on the righthand side must quickly move back over to the left to avoid traffic in front of them. Vehicles in the third lane to the left may also be trying to enter the lane at the same time. If either driver doesn’t see the other, or if both simply refuse to yield, the results can be disastrous.

Driving Responsibly

It’s true that slower-moving traffic should stay to right and allow other drivers to pass at a reasonable speed. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. It’s wise to exercise some patience while behind the wheel and pay attention to what’s going on around you. If you’re forced to pass another vehicle on their right side, don’t assume that the driver sees you and first check to make sure there’s adequate room on the shoulder. That way, you can avoid the other driver if they start to merge into your lane.

It’s also a good idea to make sure your windows and your windshield are clean and free of cracks or chips so that you can see clearly. If you’re in need of auto glass services, call Mr. Auto Glass today.

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