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Driving every day in Clearwater, FL, you probably don’t think about your windshield unless it cracks or gets dirty. But have you ever thought about how it stays attached to your car? The right materials and techniques are crucial for your windshield to perform as intended.

Windshield Mounting 101

Unlike most automotive components, your windshield isn’t attached to your car by bolts or screws. Instead, urethane auto glass adhesive specifically designed for cars is used to keep your windshield in place. This adhesive is usually a thick black substance that completely circumvents your windshield when properly applied. For the most part, you can’t even see it on most cars. It creates a bond that, when properly installed, lasts the lifetime of the car.

Not Just Any Glue

The urethane auto glass adhesive has to be strong yet flexible, to prevent the windshield from detaching in minor accidents. This adhesive also has to withstand the harsh weather we experience in Pinellas County. Between the summer heat and thunderstorms, the urethane adhesive has to maintain a waterproof seal between the windshield and window frame. A good auto glass adhesive will work just as well in freezing temperatures as in extreme heat.


This adhesive can’t do its job alone. Proper installation is essential to the durability of any auto glass replacement job. The old adhesive needs to be removed and the sealing surfaces need to be cleaned and prepared in the same manner as when the car was being built. The windshield must be set and properly positioned long before the adhesive begins curing. The auto glass installer has to be careful not to use too much adhesive, or else it can spill over from the windshield edge and be seen from the interior of your car.

Without proper installation by a knowledgeable auto glass professional, your windshield will not properly seal your car against weather and can become detached in a collision. When you need a windshield replaced, count on the experts at Mr. Auto Glass to do the job right and keep you safe where ever your car takes you. Call (866) 300-5013 today to schedule your appointment.

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