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Many people assume that the auto glass used for their windows, sunroof and windshield are all the same, but the reality is that each section of your St. Petersburg, FL vehicle requires a specific type of glass. Additionally, there are numerous technologies available that offer a wide variety of perks, ranging from heated windshields to a shade band that makes it easier to drive on a sunny day.

How Has Auto Glass Technology Evolved?

In the early 1900s, windshields were built from ordinary glass, which proved to be very dangerous. Fortunately, Henry Ford brought the first example of laminated safety glass to the public on the 1919 Model T. In the 1930s, automobile manufacturers switched to tempered glass. Today’s windshields are a hybrid of previous technologies, and they include tempered glass and laminated materials.

What Technology is Best for Poor Weather Conditions?

Since the beginning of automobile glass, manufacturers have been trying to solve driving problems associated with wind, rain and snow. Modern technologies go far beyond the basics, and it’s now possible to attach light and rain sensors that automatically turn on your headlights or windshield wipers.

When you combine this with a heated windshield to block the accumulation of snow, ice and condensation, it becomes much easier for drivers to deal with adverse weather conditions. Of course, Florida residents will typically only need to worry about the issues solved by heated glass if they travel out of state!

Can Car Glass Technologies Curb Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is a big issue in Florida. In fact, this causes more than 45,000 accidents per year, which led to approximately 39,000 injuries and 214 fatalities in 2015. In response to this, manufacturers began offering a heads-up display (HUD). With a HUD, drivers can see all of the pertinent information, including their speed, without having to look away from the windshield.

All of these optional add-ons complement the original auto glass technology: windshields. Therefore, timely windshield repairs or a replacement become vital if the glass is damaged. Find out more about your options by calling 855-Mr-AutoGlass.

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