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Lakeland, Fl Windshield Repair & Replacement Services

Whether from falling branches near your home or flying rocks on the highway, your vehicle’s windshield is always vulnerable to suffering damage, especially during the stormy summers in Lakeland, Florida. If your windshield cracks, it’s important to repair it immediately to avoid heightened risks. Mr. Auto Glass can help.

Windshield Repair Lakeland

There are plenty of ways you might crack your windshield, but Mr. Auto Glass only needs three meticulous steps to repair it. First, a technician will use a fine carbide drill to penetrate the impact point of the crack to clean and open it up. Next, he or she will use a custom tool to inject a special formula of ultraviolet resin into the crack. Last but certainly not least, the technician will add more resin to fill the impact point and restore the glass to a smooth top level.

Windshield Replacement Lakeland

If your windshield is irreparable, you’ll need to replace it right away. In addition to our windshield repair services, Mr. Auto Glass also completes windshield replacements. Forgoing a windshield replacement can be life threatening. Here are the dangerous risks of continuing to drive a vehicle with a severely damaged windshield.

  • Less protection. A good windshield adds structural support that can help keep a vehicle’s roof from caving in if it rolls over. No matter how small or big, a crack in the glass weakens it. Additionally, a windshield can prevent a passenger without their seat belt on from being thrown out of the vehicle. If it’s cracked, the impact will cause the windshield to shatter during a collision and offer no protection.
  • Greater chance of injury or death. Whether it’s being crushed by your vehicle’s roof or being forcefully thrown into the road during an accident, a cracked windshield can’t protect you. To ensure your vehicle is in good condition to protect your life when it’s most vulnerable, make sure your windshield is free from cracks.

For important information about how to protect your windshield from damage, or if you’d like to repair or replace yours today, read this brief on windshield safety 101 or contact Mr. Auto Glass.

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