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Two common problems that can occur with automatic and manual windows in vehicles are misalignment and worn seals. Over time, car door windows can fall out of alignment, preventing them from opening and closing all the way. Poor window seals can lead to several issues even if the windows aren’t out of alignment. Here’s more information that you should know about window alignment and sealing in Oldsmar, FL.

How to Tell If Your Car Door Window Is Out of Alignment

Thankfully, this is a problem that’s pretty easy to spot. When the window on your car door is out of alignment, it typically doesn’t fully close or open. Sometimes one side might appear to close all the way, but there will be a gap on the other side. This sign means that your window isn’t properly aligned, so you need to see a car window repair expert. A professional can realign the window quickly and accurately.

Keep in mind that fixing a misaligned window is important. Without proper alignment, water and bugs can easily enter your car. If you have an automatic window, the misalignment will put extra wear on the motor that opens and closes it. Then, opening and closing the window too many times could damage the motor, resulting in you needing to replace it.

How to Spot a Poor Window Seal

When it comes to window alignment and sealing, window alignment is typically easier to spot than a bad seal. However, there are a few telltale signs. The most common is water leakage. If the seal on a window is bad, water may leak into your car.

Other signs include loud wind noises while driving down the road and sluggish windows. As the rubber seal breaks down, it becomes sticky. This can make it hard to open and close your window and could even knock it out of alignment.

Mr. Auto Glass Can Help

When looking for professional auto glass services in and around Oldsmar, FL, rest assured that Mr. Auto Glass can help. Our technicians can correct poorly aligned windows and replace window seals. Learn more about our windshield replacement and repair services when you reach out to us today.

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