American drivers experience five times more UV damage on their left arms compared to their right arms, and nearly all of this extra damage is from driving, reports the Skin Cancer Network. State Farm notes that ultraviolet rays also harm the interior of vehicles, and areas in direct exposure to the sun can reach temperatures as high as 195 degrees Fahrenheit in Sarasota, FL. Let’s take a look at how auto glass protects you against UV rays and the elements.

Prevent a Sunburn

The sunny weather in Sarasota means that you’ll get a lot of sun exposure, even when you’re driving. Most people don’t put sunscreen on before getting into their vehicles. If you’re going on a long road trip or driving and spending time outdoors, this increases your risk of sunburn. Auto glass is treated to block most ultraviolet rays. Keeping your windows up lowers your risk of sunburn while driving.

Lower the Risk of Skin Cancer

Frequent exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays and repeated sunburns increase your risk of skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States, and many times these cases are preventable. With treated auto glass in your vehicle’s front and back windshields and windows, you’ll decrease your exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays and lower your risk of skin cancer.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Interior

Ultraviolet rays damage the plastics and foam used in your vehicle’s dashboard, knobs, dials, and seats. The extreme heat from the sun penetrating into your car can also damage sensitive wiring, fabrics, and gauges. Just sitting on a hot seat or touching a hot knob could burn you. With professional auto glass services, you can protect your vehicle’s interior from UV damage.

For more information about ultraviolet rays and how they’re harmful to you and your vehicle, take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’s professional auto glass services, or reach out to us today.

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