You have a chip in your windshield, so now what? Can this type of damage be repaired, or does the whole windshield have to be replaced? When damage occurs, hiring a professional for windshield repair or replacement is the best course of action in Polk, Florida. However, determining which one you need can be tricky. Here are some tips that can help you determine if your windshield should be replaced or can be repaired.

When Can a Windshield Be Repaired?

In most cases, a star chip can be repaired. This type of chip is common when something hard, like a rock, hits your windshield. You can spot a star chip by its distinctive shape, which typically has multiple cracks radiating from a central impact point. It’s among the most common because it can easily happen while driving.

Repair is possible even on long cracks that span several inches. This includes cracks that are up to 15 inches long. However, it’s only possible if the crack intersects only one edge of your windshield. If it intersects multiple edges, then you may have to completely replace the windshield.

When Does a Windshield Have to be Replaced?


Generally speaking, damage to the inside of the windshield cannot be repaired. Also, windshields with multiple or deep cracks typically need to be replaced. It’s important to get the replacement as soon as possible. Even simple bumps in the road can aggravate the crack, causing it to spread faster. Additionally, you should seek windshield replacement services quickly if a chip or crack hinders your sight while you drive.

Get Windshield Services in Polk, Florida

Is it time for windshield replacement or repair? If so, Mr. Auto Glass in Polk, Florida, can help you. Our professionals can repair your windshield, if possible. If not, we can replace your windshield. Find out more about our windshield replacement services when you contact our friendly staff members.

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