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According to federal statutes, Florida drivers must ensure that cracks and chips in their windshield do not interfere with their line of sight. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that obstructed vision can lead to a distracted driving accident. Additionally, chips and cracks weaken the integrity of your windshield, which is dangerous for everyone. We are all about quality and safety. Here are the details.

OEM Grade, High Quality Windshield Replacements

We’ve all run into issues with off-brand products, especially in regards to their compatibility, performance and safety. Therefore, Mr. Auto Glass works exclusively with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) grade windshields. This premium auto glass is thicker and better fitting than off-brand alternatives, which makes it harder to break. An OEM grade windshield gives you a better chance of surviving a rollover accident without sustaining serious glass related injuries.

Only Certified Professionals Repair and Replace Auto Glass

A windshield serves as one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. Our team of repair and replacement technicians must finish intensive training courses while maintaining a best-in-class performance. We don’t just teach our technicians how to replace and repair auto glass; they also receive an in-depth education about the science behind auto glass technology. Mr. Auto Glass technicians complete regular continuing education courses throughout their career to stay at the top of their game.

A Lifetime Warranty Protects Florida Residents

We stand behind the quality and safety of each windshield repair and replacement. If the windshield has any defects after installation, our technicians will repair it for free. Any future failures related to our auto glass work will also be covered for life. This removes the financial burden from drivers who aren’t protected by comprehensive auto insurance coverage.

Are you aware that Florida’s insurance law means you won’t pay for a windshield replacement as long as you have comprehensive coverage? Learn more about submitting a claim for new auto glass by checking out our website or calling (866) 300-5013.

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