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According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, more than 38,824 people died in auto accidents in 2020. Many of those accidents were the result of human error, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) technology helps prevent many of these mistakes. If your vehicle’s ADAS calibration is off, don’t just trust anyone to do the job. Let’s explore why proper ADAS calibration in Pinellas, FL matters and why you should rely on professional auto glass services to get the job done right the first time.

Emergency Braking

Nobody wants to get into a collision, no matter whether that collision is with an animal, fixed object, moving vehicle or pedestrian. ADAS systems reduce the risk of collisions by 11% to 21%. The system first provides a warning to you when you’re driving. If you don’t take the appropriate action, the ADAS system does it for you. You need proper ADAS calibration in order for the warning and corrective action to occur.

Lane Departure Warning

Despite knowing it’s a bad idea, many people drive while drowsy. This often leads to drifting out of your lane of traffic. Distracted driving may also cause you to depart your lane. Although lane departures don’t always result in accidents, they are a frequent cause of high-speed mishaps that cause considerable damage to vehicles. Your ADAS calibration must be accurate and precise in order for the lane departure warning technology to work.

Adaptive Cruise Control and Autopilot Accuracy

When you’re driving for a long stretch on the interstate, adaptive cruise control makes your road trip more comfortable. Correct ADAS calibration is essential to the functionality of this technology. With proper calibration, your vehicle will remain at a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you. Calibration is also needed to make rapid adjustments to speed in the case of changing road conditions.

For more information about ADAS calibration, take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’s ADAS calibration services, or get in touch with us today.

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