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If you own an older automobile or an economy car, it may have roll-down windows. Skipping the power windows on a new or used car purchase can save you some serious money in St. Petersburg, FL. However, like power windows, manual windows sometimes get stuck.

Anatomy of a Manual Window

Old-school crank windows are simple and straightforward compared to power windows. There are no electronic components to consider. There’s little mystery involved when a crank window gets stuck.

The cause will either be stripped gears in the crank or a problem with the window itself. A stuck manual window can sometimes be fairly simple to fix. However, there’s no quick way to get the window up temporarily.

Crank Problem

How does the crank feel when you try to move the window? Is it grinding? Does it freewheel? The teeth in the crank may be stripped. You can remove the crank by pulling it off and perform a visual inspection. If the teeth are stripped, replacing the crank should fix the problem.

Window Problem

If the crank is okay, you can remove the door panel to inspect the window regulator. Is the window still on its track? If not, you might be able to carefully pop it back into position and simply roll it up. Sometimes the regulator gets tangled or catches on something. It may also need to be greased. Correcting the position of the window or adding grease may solve the problem.

If you decide to attempt this yourself, be extremely careful while trying to get the window back in position. Glass is the most fragile part of your car. It’s also easy to damage the regulator assembly. If something goes wrong, you might need a full window replacement. Of course, you can skip the hassles and hazards associated with DIY repairs by getting professional assistance.

Mr. Auto Glass repairs and replaces windshields and performs door glass services, too. For a free manual window replacement quote, visit us online or call us directly.

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