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Flying debris and extreme weather in Sarasota, FL takes a toll on your vehicle’s windshield, degrading the structural integrity and causing stress cracks. These three simple tasks for windshield care will keep you safe on the road and prevent unnecessary expensive replacements.

Keep the Windshield Clean

Piled up bugs, pollen and road grime impair visibility and increase glare. This debris can also scrape the glass when you flip on the wipers, creating microabrasions that lead to cracking. Get in the habit of washing away buildup every time you stop at the gas station. At home, use a microfiber towel to buff the windows with white vinegar and add a rain repellent to reduce glare and grime.

Change the Wipers

Even if you do not drive every day, windshield wipers only last six to 12 months. Heavy usage or overexposure to the sun causes them to deteriorate quicker. Streaking, squeaking, and chattering wipers indicate it is time to replace the current set. Torn rubber can scratch the windshield, preventing even good blades from doing their job.

Practice Good Driving Habits

While windshields are sturdy, they are no match for hurtling rocks or falling limbs. Practice safe driving habits by staying 10 feet behind the car in front of you and parking in safe spots, like garages and carports. During the extreme Florida heatwaves, find a shady place to park, crack the windows and throw on a sun visor to prevent heat stress. Adding a bug guard deflects flying insects over the roof, keeping your windshield cleaner for longer.

Fix Chips Quickly

Immediately fixing chips when they appear prevents gigantic cracks from forming. In most cases, these small marks are filled quickly and cheaply. Many insurance companies even cover the complete costs. Before the damage is too old or extensive to repair, contact Mr. Auto Glass at (866) 300-5013. We make windshield care so convenient that our auto glass installation experts will even come to you in the southwest Florida region.

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