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Just like dents and dings happen on the doors, hood, and body of your vehicle, mishaps also affect the auto glass. Damaged auto glass detracts from the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal, and it also impacts safety while driving. If you plan to sell your vehicle, investing in quality auto glass restores its value in several key ways.

What Dealers Consider When Valuing Your Vehicle

No matter whether you engage in a private sale or you plan to sell your vehicle to a used car dealer, several factors go into its value. According to Consumer Reports, fixing auto glass defects helps restore your vehicle’s value. Dealers also consider your vehicle’s make and model, mileage, age, accident report history, maintenance history, and the general condition of the interior and exterior.

Improve Curb Appeal

Your vehicle’s curb appeal plays a big role in its value. Even if your vehicle has no other fault, damaged glass could make a potential buyer turn the other way. The windshield and door glass occupy a considerable amount of your vehicle’s surface area, and buyers will notice the slightest fault in the glass. Investing in quality auto glass makes your vehicle look better to passersby. When your vehicle looks well-cared for, prospective buyers may give you a better offer from the start of the negotiation process.

Demonstrate Proper Care

Private buyers and dealers alike want to buy vehicles that have been well-maintained. Replacing a damaged windshield or door glass with quality auto glass installed by a qualified service technician shows that you have taken proper care of your vehicle. When buyers see that you have taken care of the auto glass, they will have a good first impression of you and your vehicle.

To learn more about the benefits of investing in quality auto glass installed by a qualified service technician, take a look at our auto glass services, or get in touch with us at Mr. Auto Glass today.

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