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Modern Windshields May Be More Advanced Than You Think

Many people in Tampa, FL don’t realize just how technologically advanced modern windshields actually are. Unless you have been trained in auto glass replacement, or have taken upon yourself to research the topic, you might not understand why a new windshield would require any kind of recalibration.

These recalibrations are needed due to the fact that car windshields are actually rather advanced and what appears to be merely glass is not so. Although you may not be able to tell by simply looking at a modern windshield, there are built-in noise reduction layers, sensors, and more. Rain sensing wipers depend on such sensors.

Great Care and Skill are Needed When Installing New Windshields

A number of these sensors that are built-in or attached may be linked to advanced driver assistance systems. If the positioning of these sensors is changed even slightly, it can greatly affect the entire system. This alone is a very good reason that recalibration is crucial for a windshield replacement.

More advanced systems even use cameras for lane departure warning systems. Cars with these systems usually have specific areas of the windshield and windows that are connected to a camera and allow it to sense nearby objects. Great care must be taken when installing auto glass for these systems to ensure everything works properly.

Call Mr. Auto Glass for Your Windshield Installation

Now that you know a little bit more about modern windshields, it should be pretty easy to see why having them installed properly is so important. At Mr. Auto Glass, we offer convenient and efficient auto glass installation services that are compatible with current technologies.

Residents in and around Tampa, FL can count on us to provide you with basic auto glass installations and those that involve rain sensing wipers or lane departure warning systems. For more information or to set up an appointment, visit us online or call us at (866)300-5013.

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