When you’re driving in or around Sarasota, FL, there’s a lot to watch on the road. You also need to look out for objects hanging down in the roadway. If one of those objects makes contact with your windshield, you might end up needing an unexpected auto glass replacement. Watch out for these three types of common hanging objects in the roadway.

Tree Branches

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), tree branches overhanging the road present a danger to your vehicle. Not only do they get in your line of vision, but they could snap and break your windshield. If you notice branches overhanging the road in a public location, contact FDOT and provide the location and a description of the problem. If the tree is on private property, contact the city, and they will contact the property owner.

Signs and Wires

In metro areas, you’ll see hundreds of signs hanging above the roadway. The signs are typically well-secured, but a strong wind or corroded bolt could send it crashing onto your vehicle. If you notice a sign that’s moving a lot, swaying or dangling from one side, report the situation to FDOT as soon as you can safely do so. Low-hanging wires are also objects in the roadway you need to avoid. If there’s a camera or sensor attached, it could hit and crack your auto glass.

Unusual Items

When passing under a bridge, beware of lost loads from trucks. An item could slip off a truck and fall down, hitting your windshield. Rocks, loose-fill, logs, and other materials are some unusual objects in the roadway that could affect your safety. Also, watch for frozen precipitation. While unusual in and around Sarasota, chunks of ice could form on bridges or fly off the tops of trucks and hit your windshield or windows.

To learn more about dangerous objects in the roadway, take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’s auto glass replacement services, or call us today.

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