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A broken windshield or window puts your safety and the safety of other people at risk when driving. Damaged auto glass is unstable and operating a vehicle with this type of damage is prohibited in most places, including Tampa and the rest of Florida. Stay safe right where you are when you have your damaged auto glass repaired by experienced mobile service technicians.

Small Cracks and Chips Rapidly Worsen

What starts as a small chip or minuscule crack may grow to damage your entire window or windshield when you least expect it. Intense winds, a change in the weather, or proximity to saltwater can all hasten the growth of cracks in auto glass. This leaves the glass unstable. Your vehicle’s windshield also plays a crucial role in its structural integrity and aerodynamics. A crack that spans the whole windshield or window increases your risk of an injury if you’re in an accident.

Avoid Impaired Visibility

When a crack is in your direct line of vision, you may not be able to see the road and vehicles around you. This impacts your ability to safely operate your vehicle. Your windshield wipers won’t work as well on damaged glass. In the rain, water will pool on the glass instead of gliding away. The state of Florida has made it easier for people to get auto glass repairs. According to Florida regulations, there is no deductible for an auto glass repair or replacement, including those performed by mobile service technicians.

Stay Safe and Avoid Fines or Tickets

Driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield could result in fines or a ticket. Instead of paying these pricey fees, you can arrange for an auto glass repair or replacement. You don’t even have to drop your car off and risk getting a ticket while driving it when you take advantage of repairs made by mobile service technicians.

To learn more about auto glass repair and replacement with mobile service technicians, check out Mr. Auto Glass’s auto glass services, or contact us today.

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