You depend on your windshield to provide clear visibility and to protect you against wind and weather. This auto glass performs a number of other functions for your vehicle, however. Here are some of the most important purposes served by your windshield during the normal course of driving on Florida streets and highways.

Structural Support

According to the windshield glass experts at the Auto Glass Safety Council, your vehicle’s windshield is an important structural element that offers support for the roof and the passenger cabin. In a front-end crash, the windshield is designed to provide as much as 45 percent of the structural integrity of your vehicle. This goes up to 60 percent in rollover crash conditions. Investing in windshield glass replacement or repair for cracks and other damage can ensure that these protections are in place if you are involved in a serious automobile accident.

Safety Restraints

Your seat belts and air bags are essential elements of the safety system of your car, truck or SUV. Your windshield is also part of this system and is designed to provide you with added protection during a crash. The multilayer laminated construction of windshield glass allows it to break without shattering and protects you and your passengers against flying glass and being ejected from your vehicle in a collision.

Protection from UV Radiation

The glass used in windshield construction can block most of the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. This can provide an added level of protection against skin cancer and other negative effects of prolonged exposure for you and your passengers in sunny Florida.

The windshield repair experts at Mr. Auto Glass can provide expert help in restoring your windshield to good-as-new condition. We serve St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Clearwater and Lakeland in the state of Florida and offer mobile windshield repair and replacement to ensure the greatest convenience for you and your family. To learn more about our full lineup of auto glass services or to schedule an appointment in our shop or at a location of your choice, call us today at 866-300-5013. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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