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Your windshield is an essential part of your vehicle’s safety system, so it’s important to keep it in good condition. Driving in Tampa with a windshield defect can put your family at greater risk for serious injury in the event of an unexpected collision.

Windshields are Complex

A quality windshield promotes occupant safety by preventing passengers from being ejected during an accident. Windshields add to the structural support of the roof frame. They also help improve gas mileage by adding to the aerodynamic features of the body design.

The Windshield Glass Repair Process

When a solid object hits a windshield with force, the integrity of the glass surface may be broken. Since the windshield is under constant pressure when the vehicle is moving, the damage can worsen quickly.

Small cracks can often be repaired, which preserves the windshield and lowers the cost of the service. Bulls-eye cracks are fixed using a special glass sealant, which stops the crack from spreading. The success of a windshield repair is generally based on the following:

  • The location of the crack
  • The type of crack
  • The age of the crack

The Windshield Glass Replacement Process

A complete windshield glass replacement is a detailed process that includes removing the factory installed glass and securing a new windshield in its place. Windshield replacement products are built to last, but the skill of the installer will have the greatest impact on durability and functionality.

New auto glass replacement standards are very strict. The original urethane must be removed before the windshield is tested to ensure it’s the right size. Replacement sealant is selected based on the current temperature, humidity level and how soon the owner needs the vehicle. The windshield is set in place, and the technician checks for leaks to comfirm the integrity of the seal.

Complete Windshield Repair and Replacement Service

If you live in Tampa, FL or the surrounding area and need windshield repair or replacement services, call the professionals at Mr. Auto Glass today.

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