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Only a few things in life are as annoying as rattling sounds while you drive down the road in Clearwater, FL. Oftentimes, the sound comes from rattling windows in the car doors. If you deal with the rattling sound long enough, you might start to think that it’s normal. However, the truth is that your car windows shouldn’t rattle while you drive. Below are a couple of possible causes of this annoying noise.

Bad Window Gaskets

One problem that often leads to rattling windows is bad gaskets. With bad gaskets, the windows can rattle or vibrate as you drive, not just when you close the doors. Also, the sound will likely get worse when you put the window down.

What causes window gaskets to wear out? The gaskets are just rubber seals. Over time, especially in extreme weather, rubber can shrink and crack. As a result, the gaskets lose grip around the windowpanes themselves, which makes the windows rattle.

Failed Regulators

Sometimes your window-rattling problem has nothing to do with gaskets and more to do with the mechanisms that open and close the windows. These mechanisms are called the regulators. Over time, the bolts that attach the windows to the regulators can loosen, making the windows rattle.

Keep in mind that fixing the regulators isn’t an easy task. Replacing or even trying to tighten the right bolts requires a lot of work because it requires taking the doors apart. If you think that the regulators are causing the problem, seek door window replacement or repair services.

Mr. Auto Glass Can Stop the Rattle

Are you looking for auto glass repairs and replacement services that keep your car windows from rattling? Look no further than the experts at Mr. Auto Glass. We’ve been providing reliable auto glass services in Florida for years. Contact us today to learn more about our window repair and replacement services.

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