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That Crack in Your Windshield Isn’t Getting Any Smaller

That Crack in Your Windshield Isn’t Getting Any Smaller

Have you recently discovered a small crack in your car’s windshield? It may seem like something you don’t have to worry about, but exposed to the elements, that small crack can grow and become more pronounced over time. To make matters worse, a crack is much more than just an unsightly blemish on your automobile: it’s an ever-present danger.

Here are a few reasons you should get that crack in your windshield fixed as soon as possible.

Smaller Cracks or Chips Are Cheaper to Repair

A crack in your windshield doesn’t automatically mean you need a full replacement. If you identify a small crack or ship before it grows into something much larger, a skilled glass repair technician can perform a spot repair to remove the damaged area and replace it with newer, stronger glass.

Driving With a Cracked Windshield Is Unsafe

A windshield does many jobs for you while you’re driving. For instance, it acts as a viewport so you can see the road you’re traveling on, and it manages to keep annoyances like wind, rain, and bugs out of your face so you can see. But there are other functions that might not immediately come to mind, such as how it acts as a backstop for your airbags, and how it can keep you from being ejected in the event of an accident. If you have a cracked windshield, the integrity of the glass is compromised, and it’s less able to perform these other functions.

You Could Get a Ticket

The next time you get pulled over, you could find yourself receiving more than just a speeding ticket. Depending on where you live, you could also be ticketed for failing to address your cracked windshield. Traffic control officers often view large, substantial cracks as hazards, and are willing to dish out fines when appropriate. Take care of the crack and avoid this inconvenience.

Visit Mr. Auto Glass to learn more about repairing the crack or replacing your windshield, if needed, or call (866) 300-5013.

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