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Vent windows, which are also called triangle windows, aren’t as common as they used to be. About 20 years ago, manufacturers started to phase them out for cost and efficiency purposes. If you’re having one of these issues with your vehicle’s triangle windows in Polk, FL, professional auto glass replacement could be your best bet for solving your problem.


Cracks, pits, and other damage in your car’s vent windows may impair your side visibility when driving. This can be an issue when you’re backing out of a parking space or preparing to pass another driver. If you want to change lanes while driving, you may use these little windows and your side mirrors for visibility. Prompt auto glass replacement ensures that you can see out of each window with ease.

Latch Issues

Latch issues are a common problem with older car vent windows, explains the Las Vegas Review Journal. The metal latches may rust or corrode. Their fasteners can also snap off. If someone pushes on the small triangle of glass, a latch issue could allow them to unlock and gain access to your vehicle. If there’s damage to the latch or the glass itself, it’s important to arrange for prompt repair and replacement services.

Stuck Open or Closed

Before most vehicles had air conditioning, the small triangular windows were called the “poor man’s air conditioning.” If your older car’s triangle windows are stuck open, you might find that the interior of your car gets wet when you leave it outdoors. A window that’s stuck open can also impact your vehicle’s aerodynamics and fuel efficiency when driving at highway speed. If the window is stuck closed, this could impact ventilation and your comfort. In either case, a stuck window should have its frame and glass replaced in order to restore its full functionality.

For more information about what to do if your car’s ventilation windows have a problem, take a look at Mr. Auto Glass’s auto glass replacement services, or call us today.

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