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Florida’s 825 miles of sandy coastline makes hitting the road for vacations a popular local pastime, but our state has six of the 10 most dangerous highways in the nation. When driving on the highway around Tampa, FL, follow these three driving tips to stay safe on your journey:

Slow Your Roll

The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop. With Florida highway speeds reaching up to 70 mph, staying about 315 feet behind the vehicle in front of you provides enough distance to stop. In perfect weather conditions, you should be able to count three seconds before passing the same spot. Adjust your speed and following distance when driving on the highway in bad weather and road construction. To reduce glare, wash the windshield during each stop, and use the low beam headlights during heavy rain or thick fog for greater visibility.

Map Your Stops

It is easy to slip into highway hypnosis while traveling long stretches of road. Increased yawning, wandering thoughts, unfocused eyes, and lane drifting are signs that you need a break. Plan out stops along your route, pinpointing rest areas, parks, and gas stations where you can safely stop for about 15 minutes. Drinking water and a brisk walk increase oxygen to the brain, which will help you stay alert. Keep updated on real-time road conditions, changing traffic speeds, rest area locations, and driving tips with Florida DOT’s 511 app.

Vehicle Safety Check

Before your road trip, check for proper tire pressure, oil level, wiper fluid, and windshield cracks or chips. While you may be able to safely travel with small chips, make sure they don’t interfere with your visibility. A compromised windshield may also provide less roof stability and airbag protection during the severe impacts that happen at highway speeds.

If your windshield is damaged during your road trip, whether you are near Tampa or in Jacksonville, then contact Mr. Auto Glass at (866) 300-5013 to get your vehicle in for a quick windshield repair.

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