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Quantum Leap Farm empowers people of all ages and abilities to grow
strong, achieve therapeutic goals and overcome challenges through
equine-assisted therapies. Donations from Mr. Auto Glass will
support military participants in the Equine-Assisted Self Exploration
(At EASE) program.
Our Warrior Mission: At EASE Retreatsprovide best-practice therapeutic support for military service members, couples and families. Through
experiential on-the-ground activities with horses and mental health
professionals, groups and individuals focus on healing from invisible
injuries such as combat stress, post-traumatic stress mild, traumatic brain
injury, chronic pain issues and military sexual trauma.
Quantum’s mental health professionals utilize the EAGALAmodel of
Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL). Activities simulate real-life scenarios
helping participants acknowledge their personal strengths and adopt
healthier behaviors in their daily live

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